Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Started....

So...there are a couple ways to get your feet wet in the couponing world. Lets say you just want to get started to just save a few dollars a week on the items you buy anyway. In my personal opinion coupons are free money...even if you don't want to clip to extremes why not save a few dollars a week on your grocery bill or the items you buy anyway?

There are a couple of things to know about couponing before you get started. It is a total shopping lifestyle change. I'm the type of person who was at the store every day buying what I needed for dinner that night. Now I make my major shopping trip once a week and have to maybe stop occasionally to pick up a couple items that I haven't stockpiled yet. Yes it does take some time and some organization. However, there are so many blogs and useful sites that make it super super easy!

The first place to get started is the Beginners section of There are links to her binder and how she organizes it. I highly recommend this method of organization. I tried the accordion file...which fit nicely in my purse but it was too hard to see what coupons I had in the store if I was looking at a purchase that I didn't have on my list.

Here are a few things for us local Gillette shoppers to do:
1. Subscribe to the Casper Star...they will deliver only Sunday's paper to your door. They carry all the big coupon inserts. I got a 6 month subscription for $31.00.

2. Albertstons does double have to have a store coupon to do doubles and you are only allowed 3 double coupons per transaction. So you need to plan accordingly. I haven't figured out what the schedule is on it. They had them 2 weeks in a row, none last week and it sounds like we will get them this week.

3. Buy a Tuesday News Record if you don't already have a subscription. This is the paper that has the sales ads for the Grocery stores. I typically plan my shopping trips throughout the week. Finalize them on Sunday and shop on Monday. Don't worry about if the store is out of an item you can always get a rain check and use your coupon with it at a later date.

4. Coupons can be printed online also. You are allowed two prints per computer in your house. So if you have 2 computers you get 4 prints. I honestly use a majority of online coupons for my transactions. I will post links on the right side of the printable coupon sites.

5. I have a list of blogs also on the right side that I look at daily and print deals and use to compile my shopping lists. I won't take credit for anything that I've done it's been a combination of many super shoppers!!

Let me know if you have any questions!! Starting at is the best advice I can give!!

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